With our team of qualified technicians and the latest in diagnostic equipment, you can be assured we will attend to all the service requirements of your vehicle.

We will not only stop your vehicles oil leak, but also exchange your malfunctioning engine for a reconditioned one and give you one year’s warranty.

We specialize in all European cars:

Our services cover general engine repair and maintence, fuel systems, front & rear axles and suspension systems, steering power train, cooling systems, steering, power train, cooling system, brake lights, and elecrticals.

We carry out a full check of the engine management system, including a full oscilloscope check. We degrease the engine bay, road test your vehicle and provide you with a full report in which we outline areas that will require urgent attention.

We have the latest in diagnostic tools specializing in European cars.
We can re-program new computer boxes for all Bmw up to the latest model and recode ignition keys and  immobilizers (EWS).